Work In Progress // Sun 5th March
Part of The Art of Care-Full Practice Symposium
University of Glasgow

The winner of the Adrian Howells Award 2017 is Nic Green.

Adrian Howells (1962 – 2014) was one of the world’s leading figures in the field of one to one and intimate performance. Over two decades he developed an artistic practice that focused on the particular power and transformative possibility that could be achieved through creating a profound, immediate and personal connection to his audiences. Through these works and the care he took in every aspect of the experience he was often able to deeply affect those who participated in these encounters. The Adrian Howells Award aims to celebrate the particular type of intimate work that Adrian pioneered and excelled at as well as providing an opportunity to explore new territories in this field of practice. 

Nic Green is award-winning performance practitioner whose extensive body of work includes varied community and public art projects, holistic learning experiences, interactive web-based projects and musical/audio composition. She is best known for her award-winning Trilogy, which received an estimated 1000 participants, won the Arches Platform 18 Award, Dublin Fringe Festival Award and a Herald Angel Award.

As the inaugural recipient of this annual award, Nic has been afforded the opportunity to explore a project idea in two stages, initially in Glasgow and subsequently in London at Battersea Arts Centre. She has also been awarded £4,000 towards the creation of the project and performances in Glasgow and London.

Nic said on winning the award:

‘I am pleased to receive the Adrian Howells Award for Intimate Performance, and it comes at a timely moment for me in the trajectory of my life and work as an artist. I feel it is an honour to make a work in Adrian’s memory and I am pleased to create a piece that may, through this award, be related to his practice and the work he did during his lifetime. I will use this opportunity to develop a form initially explored in 2015 with Forest Fringe and the 20th Century Museum in Kanazawa, Japan, which facilitates the transformation of words donated by an individual, into the songs of birds.  The Adrian Howells Award opportunity will help me discover how this form might be in service to people approaching death.  In light of this I will be collaborating with experts and carers working in end of life care, to discover how best this work may be used in the complex context of these situations.’ 

Produced and developed by Take Me Somewhere. Supported by the National Theatre of Scotland, Battersea Arts Centre, the University of Glasgow and the Live Art Development Agency.