The Artist Constellation is a development framework that seeks to nourish the festival, its programming and ethos, as well as contribute to the development of some of Scotland’s most innovative artists. We ask, as an artist focussed organisation, what does a festival of the future look like? How can a festival use its reputation to propel forward international opportunities for artists? How can we support not just artists but our dynamic Scottish Producers, strengthening their networks? With the loss of an arts venue for artists to work and congregate, what other 'spaces' can be created to ensure community spirit and the exchange of ideas and knowledge between artists?

The constellation in its current form is the start of a journey. It’s a project that will grow with the needs of the artists both in the constellation and without. Currently we meet formally four times a year with informal connections throughout the year. We provide resource for artists to travel and experience work across the globe that speaks to their own interests. We believe that there is only so much good that can come from ‘Arts Managers’ meeting other ‘Arts Managers’ and endeavour to send artists as professional delegates to festivals across the world advocating for themselves, their peers and Take Me Somewhere, bringing back their experience and knowledge. Likewise, for our own festival in 2019 we have invited not just curators from across the globe but have created a programme where those curators travel with an artist from their home country meaning our gatherings are always artist centered.

We support artist to artist relationships that are ignited from these trips and gatherings. We help fundraise to support international collaboration and creation. We are present and advocate for these artists at moments that include the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Constellation artists have travelled from Montreal and Vancouver to Johannesburg.

Our current Artist Constellation members are: Gillian Jane Lees & Adam York Gregory, Mele Broomes, Lucy Gaizely (21Common), Rosana Cade & Ivor MacCaskill and Peter McMaster.

We want to thank all seven artists whose presence, creativity, and thoughtfulness inform Take Me Somewhere. We also want to thank our partners who have supported the project, thus far these include Outspoken Arts, the National Theatre of Scotland and The Workroom.