FLORENTINA HOLZINGER (Netherlands/Austria)
Thu 17th May 2018
12:30pm  //  FREE

Presented by Tramway Take Part in association with Take Me Somewhere.

Join us for coffee and breakfast with Florentina Holzinger, who'll be discussing her process and practise in relation to Apollon, showing at Tramway on Wed 16th May.

Florentina Holzinger (b. 1986 in Vienna) is a choreographer living and working in Amsterdam and Vienna. She studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. She consciously plays with the shifting of boundaries between high culture and entertainment in all her works, earning her a reputation as one of the “most provocative” new choreographers in Europe. Since 2011, she has enriched the international performance scene with dizzying acrobatics, muscular women's bodies and martial arts fight scenes - exploring different modes of female representation and trying to question the full potential of female physicality. Pop cultural references and a penchant for trash are not forgotten in her works. Florentina Holzinger won the Prix Jardin d’Europe for her solo Silk at lmPulsTanz in 2012. In addition to collaborations with Vincent Riebeek (Kein Applaus fuer Scheisse, Spirit, Wellness and Schönheitsabend), Holzinger presented the group work Recovery in 2015, which served as means to process the trauma of a very serious accident she had during a performance.  Recovery is the treatment of this incident and the recovery of it with the help of female comrades. Her latest work, Apollon, is a feminist retake of Balanchine's neoclassical Ballet Quartet- Apollon and currently touring international stages.  

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible.