DREW TAYLOR (Scotland)
2nd–4th March, 7.30pm (except Fri 3 March 7pm), £12.50/£9.50

SOMEWHERE NEW is a brand new award for contemporary theatre & performance makers, from Take Me Somewhere and the Citizens Theatre. The award is an exciting opportunity for a Scottish artist to develop and present a new theatre/performance project at the Citizens Theatre as part of the Take Me Somewhere festival.  We are delighted to be partnering with the Citz, which shares with us a commitment to developing the next generation of theatre makers in Scotland.

Avoidable Climbing is a poetic political black comedy, written and directed by Drew Taylor, about what we could do, what we should do and how burying your face in the latest cat video isn't enough right now.

We are living in familiar territory – a period that history books will say lead up to something frightening.

We are ignoring facts – letting charisma and empty promises cloud our judgement.

We are just like lots of countries before us.

We are allowing an Alternative Right perspective - Farage, Le Pen, Trump

Should we be going Left, or is a new direction needed?

Following the performance, a playlet from Fear And Misery Of The Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht will be delivered.

Presented in collaboration with Citizens Theatre. 
This project is supported by The Goldberg Charitable Trust in memory of Michael Goldberg.

Photo: James Taylor-Wilson