Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill are renowned queer live artists based in Glasgow, creating and performing their unique works nationally and internationally in a wide range of contexts. Their work, together and individually, straddles the worlds of contemporary theatre, live art, queer cabaret, film, children’s performance, site-specific and socially engaged practices. They’re currently touring MOOT MOOT, commissioned by Fierce, The Marlborough and The Yard which will be seen at Edinburgh Fringe 2019 as part of the Made In Scotland Showcase and British Council Showcase. 

They were awarded the inaugural Diane Torr award from Take Me Somewhere and The Work Room, and are being supported by Gessnerallee, Zurich; Mousonturm, Frankfurt; Kampnagel, Hamburg; Tramway, Glasgow and Fierce, Birmingham to develop new work in response to Ivor’s gender transition. Cade & MacAskill regularly perform together in their anti-genre live art concept band ‘Double Pussy Clit Fuck’ which assaults audiences across performance, club and music contexts. 

They also both create work as individuals and in various other collaborations. 




Doppelganger DJs Barry and Barry are desperately seeking connection with the world beyond... 

MOOT MOOT sees Cade & MacAskill spew out their dark and riotous take on modern day communication, as the identical hosts in a surreal phone-in talk show.   

Finding humour, warmth and despair in the absurd, they spin a thick web of cliches and catchphrases in their outer space echo-chamber, accompanied by a weird, wild soundscape by Yas Clarke. 

Part of British Council Showcase 2019. 
Commissioned by Fierce, The Marlborough, and The Yard.  

***** spooky, sinister, skilful
**** sharp smart and seriously entertaining

Upcoming dates:  

8th - 26th August 2019, Edinburgh Fringe, part of British Council and Made in Scotland Showcase. 
8th October 2019, Rose Theatre at Edgehill University 
7th and 8th December 2019 Gessnerallee, Zurich 



DPCF is an anti-genre-riot-grrl-on-grrl-on-boi-on-boi-concept-band.  

They are regular misfits in club, cabaret, performance, and band settings, recently performing at Fierce Festival - Birmingham, BENTFEST -London, Take Me Somewhere - Glasgow and Spill Festival - Ipswich.  

Since 2015 they’ve been lovingly licking and poking the boundaries between bad music and art, right and wrong, sex and performance, creating strange anarchic live gigs in response to a world that they don’t understand and that doesn’t understand them. Their live shows are rebellious acts of deep queer love to each other, and loud cries to all to unleash their desires wildly and freely.  

(working title) by Cade & MacAskill

Becoming a real boy in a post truth world. 

 From 2018 - 2021 Cade & MacAskill are developing a new show as a creative response to, and way of understanding Ivor’s gender transition which is happening across this time. As well as responding through their direct autobiography they are co-opting Pinocchio as an imperfect trans narrative. 

Through Pinocchio they are grappling with the idea of the ‘real boy’ and questioning the political implications of naming something as a ‘real’ identity.  

With a wider lens beyond the personal experience, they are considering the huge societal shifts taking place around gender, threatening something many hold to be a fundamental truth of human beings. Across 2019 they will be building a larger team of collaborators. 

This project is being produced by Mary Osborn for Artsadmin, and is supported by Tramway, Fierce, and Kampnagel. 


by Rosana Cade

What does your town look like from someone else's perspective? How intimate can you be with someone you've just met?   

Walking:Holding invites you to walk hand in hand with a series of very different local strangers around nearby streets, parks and alleyways, one after the other. It is a participatory performance for one audience member at a time, offering a gentle meditation on identity, touch and intimacy in urban public space.   

 Walking:Holding was first created in Glasgow in 2011 and has since toured extensively across the UK and internationally to over 35 locations, working with local participants as performers in each location.   

Everyone acknowledged the astute provocation in Cade’s seemingly simple concept, with its flesh and blood challenge to prejudices, and it’s honouring of individuals and their differences.

Upcoming Date: 5th - 7th June 2019 at Tanzquartier in Vienna 
Produced by Mary Osborn for Artsadmin 

 Part of SPILL National Platform 2012, and SPILL Showcase 2013.  


by Rosana Cade, Claire Nolan and Charlie Cauchi

What does your town look like from someone else's perspective? What's it like to hold hands with a complete stranger and walk through the city centre?  

Performance art and mobile technology converge in Walking:Holding, a meditative documentary that journeys through urban landscapes exploring identity and intimacy in public space with a focus on LGBTQ+ experiences. [Text Wrapping Break] 

This film is a response to Glasgow based artist Rosana Cade’s award-winning interactive performance of the same name, which invites audience members to embark on a carefully designed route through a town whilst holding hands with a series of different local participants. Shot entirely on mobile phones, the film follows the performance to 6 towns across the UK between June and November 2016, bookended by the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump.   

This unique collaborative documentary offers an insight into the intimate work at a particularly poignant time, weaving together a range of perspectives and experiences from across the country.   

Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and using public funds from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.  

So far the film has toured to the six towns it was created in, plus a special screening at Toynbee Studios. It will be screened at Take Me Somewhere Festival in May 2019, Angewandte in Vienna in May 2019. 


by Rosana Cade

 Open your legs. Put your hands by your side. No touching. 

Inside a small red-lit booth Cade performs the lap dance her older sister used to perform professionally. This intimate exchange between performer and audience explores how we view the naked female body in different contexts. Through the repetition of the dance, the manipulation of our gaze, and the use of interview excerpts, a unique feminist dialogue between two sisters is revealed. 

***** Brave, clever, provocative – by an artist to cherish
Intense, courageous and disarming.
— Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis, Month of Performance Art- Berlin 

First presented at Arches LIVE in 2012, it has also toured to Calm Down Dear Feminism Festival in London, Month of Performance Art - Berlin, Circuit Festival in Leicester, Steakhouse Live London, Beyond Bloodlines at the Cockpit, Keine Diziplin at Gessneralle in Zurich. In 2017 it was part of the International Showcase at In-between Time Bristol. In 2018 it toured to Maxim Gorki in Berlin and the Wiesbaden Bienale. 

Still available for touring.