Nima Séne [Scotland]
CCA, GLASGOW directions
Wed 22 & Thu 23 May 2019

7.00pm  //  60mins  // £12/£8

Presented by Take Me Somewhere.
Commissioned by Contact and Live Art UK Diverse Actions. Supported by Creative Scotland, Platform, The Work Room, National Theatre of Scotland and Take Me Somewhere.

ACCESS: Captioned / All TMS Venues are wheelchair Accessible

Invited into the luxurious world of self-made icon Beige B*tch, the audience take their seats and tune in as the latest audience of Beige Nation TV. Star and host, BB, scrolls through the saturated reality of their all beige everything world. In a cultural blitzkrieg of artisan anecdotes, intimate interviews and bespoke adverts, Beige B*tch poses pointed questions about white accountability, Black Culture and what it means to belong.

Made and performed by Nima Séne, Beige B*tch makes its Scottish debut at Take Me Somewhere 2019.

Nima’s artistic practice is rooted in uncovering complexity and parody within stereotypes and mainstream media portrayals of cultural identity. Their practice is rooted in embracing a sense of belonging with the unknown and the unseen.

Nima was the 2018 recipient of the FST Assistant Director Bursary for End of Eddy (Dir. Stewart Laing). They received the BANNER award (Arts Admin & LADA) in 16/17 for an early development of Beige B*tch.

Film excerpts made in collaboration with Daniel Hughes.

Insta: @beigebiitch

★★★★ - rooted in the politics of identity, colour and gender…Beige B*tch is a fierce provocateur on all fronts
[The B*tch] is an extraordinary womxn: a queen of modern multimedia, an internet superstar. ..sort of Oprah-Winfrey-like mainstream media goddess? Or one of these million-plus social media influencers who’s only a legend on her own iPhone? Or are those concepts now one and the same? ...a beautifully presented show, an hour of first-class visual and auditory excellence

Images: Daniel Hughes