Peter McMaster (he/him) is an experimental and interdisciplinary theatre maker interested in the intersection of performance, masculinities, ecological sympathy and collaboration. Since 2009 work under his artistic direction has taken many forms from fully staged touring performances (We Share Air, Wuthering Heights, 27), intimate solo and lone artistic works (Gold Piece(s), House)  artistic mentorship/professional development for other artists (Performing Masculinity, Performing Landscapes) and teaching at Higher Education institutions (Glasgow University, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland). His work has been presented extensively throughout the UK and has travelled internationally. He was a founding member of the artists sounding board at Battersea Arts Centre in London, and has been the recipient and nominee for numerous UK based performance/Live Art awards (Arches Platform 18 Award for new directors, In Between Time Wild Card Award, The Offies TBC Award nominee). Of late he has begun a multi-project collaboration with choreographer Louise Ahl (AKA Ultimate Dancer), and works regularly with partner and artist Nic Green. He used to have a dog, he now has a baby, and he lives on a boat just outside of Glasgow. 




 “I can feel it’s presence… it’s like the reply of an echo, or longing dressed as waiting, like the darkness dressed up as the night, and light dressed up as galaxies…”   

Somewhere between clairvoyance and theatre criticism, A Sea of Troubles tensely exorcises the relationship between dominant theatrical tradition, masculinity, the burdens of language and the potential of the performing body. 

Slow and silent, paranoid and muddled, a solo performer traces the ghosts of the performance space pulling us into a world that slips out of now-ness into strangely beautiful somewhere else-ness. 

Commissioned by The Yard, supported with funding from Creative Scotland. 

Touring past and upcoming: 

The Yard, London Now ’19 January 11th-16th February 2019 

Onward touring throughout 2019 and 2020 TBC 

Finally got to @mcmaster_peter’s show A Sea of Troubles, What a total treat it is - weird, thoughtful, evocative. Just great work.
***** a work which defies categorisation … a work which touches the sou


The Tron Seniors and Peter McMaster present: 

"Horror, horror... horror has a face and you must make a friend of horror."  Colonel Kultz, Apocalypse Now (1979) 

Like a bomb explosion frozen in time, this dark and physical performance sees 14 young people try to understand Kultz's instruction 40 years after Apocalypse Now was first shown. 

Looking at cultural and popular artefacts from the past and the decisions made by previous generations, this cast of 14-18 year olds ask themselves what is the horror now? Is the apocalypse already happening? What can we do about this and who must take responsibility? 

We stand by watching as it all unravels. The flood is here.  

The Horror has been made in collaboration with Tron Youth seniors, Tron Theatre, Produced by Feral Arts and with funding from Creative Scotland. 

Past Performances: 4, 5, 6 April 2019 Tron Theatre, Glasgow 



What happens to a land if there is no-one left to belong to it? 

The migratory routes from Scotland’s no longer inhabited Gaelic islands – including North Rona, Kilda, and Mingulay – will be explored and where possible, retraced in a new research commission by experimental performance maker Peter MacMaster. Using a range of media and performance, the artist will retrace and document the journeys taken by those who left the islands for their new lives in new communities, then look to re-present these journeys and landscapes using immersive digital technologies, while asking broader questions about migration and relationships to land. 

From April to July 2019, Peter McMaster will be collaborating with a Gaelic artist to conduct research towards a sited performance on Mingulay, a once populated but no longer inhabited island situated at the south of the outer Hebrides. 

This new incubation commission is supported by Glasgow Life via their GUIR award for Gaelic Arts.